Sunday, September 26, 2010

Buried Treasure

My sister now resides in my Grandparents home. Gradually we've been going through things to see what they left behind. My sister got curious and decided to check out the basement - we've know there were vending / peanut machines down there - just hadn't yet checked it out. She's had a week of adventure and unearthed the following...
Advance Machine Co. Chicago, U.S.A.
Pat'd 11-5-12 4-24-23

Otherwise known as the

"Big Mouth" 1 Cent Peanut Vending Machine

It has the original AMCO lock with key.
A box of parts revealed what we think may be gumball inserts for the machines...

Part Number B 2173

Part Number V8ax
This machine she cleaned up a bit - it's nice and shiny....